411 Motorsports

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Engines and Engine Parts

411 Motorsports carries all modified animal and flathead parts but primarily deal with clone engines.



We have a full line of box stock  oem parts if you need something not listed we can get it for you!


Engine Parts


Clone Engine- $125.00 plus shipping.

Dyno Cl-1 Cam- $28.50

Dyno Cl-2 Cam- $34.50

ARC Big Bertha chain guard- $25.00

Angled Chain Guard- $25.00

Top plate w/ upright throttle arm- $25.00

Fuel Pump- $1.00

Air Filter Adapter- $12.00

AIR SPEED AIR ADAPTER- $20.00- this is the newest adapter on the market.

Choke holder- $3.50

ARC weinie pipe- $27.00

RLV mini Muffler- $17.00

The last 2 products are the Briar Patch, HRW and Three Forks box stock spec pipes- buy together for $40.00

RLV Stock "Round Hole" Muffler- $35.00

RLV Modified Muffler- $37.00

SEKS Advantage Ceramic pipe- $70.00

Kevin Smith Racing Pipes- $70.00

Dyno Green Strip High Tension Clone 10.8 springs- $6.00 pair.

Guanteed "LEGAL" Green Stripe Springs-  $14.00 pair

ARC restrictor plates- $11.00

ARC Billet Flywheel- $105.00

PVL  Flywheel- $60.00

Autolite 3910x spark plug- $6.50

Complete carb with air mixture adjuster- $24.00

ARC Clone rods- $55.00

Clone crankshaft- $39.00

Carb jets- $3.00

Ring sets- $5.50

Low Tension Ring sets- $16.00

Clone rods- $7.00- can also get .05 over and .10 over rods for $.75 more.

Recoil Starter- $12.00

Head gaskets- $5.00

Side cover gaskets- $2.00

Clone block- $42.00

Exhaust gasket- $1.00

Complete Clone Gasket Kit- $11.00